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Cavendish Banana / G-9


Product/Variety: Banana-Cavendish / G-9
Color: Green
Length: 18 cm to 21cm length from pulp to tip.
Calibre: Min. 39mm to Max. 47mm calibre thickness/finger
Color: Yellowish Green
Maturity: 70 to 80 Percent
Hands: 4/6/7/8
Weight: Each Banana weighed 140 to 150 gm +. Approximately
Box Types: 5 PLY / 3 PLY
Refer Container Temp.: Storage and transport at 13 °C (55 °F).
Packing for Gulf: 7 and 13.5 Kg Net WT./Carton (subject to buyer requirment)
Packing for Europe: 18.5 Kg Net WT./Carton (subject to buyer requirement)
Packaging Details:
7.0 Kgs /Box Hand Count: 5/6/7 Hands
13.5 Kgs/ Box Hand Count: 4/5/6/7 Hands
18.5 Kgs/ Box Hand Count: Hands with cluster
Box Materials: Corrugated Box (Bottom 5 Ply and Top 3 ply)
Loadibility information:
7 kg Net Weight Box: 2,650 Boxes per 40 Feet Reef. Container
13.5 Kg. Net Weight Box: 1,540 Boxes per 40-ft. reefer Container.
18.5 kg. Net Weight Box: 1,200 Boxes per 40-ft. reefer Container
Container Temperature: 13 °C (55 °F).
Product Availability:
Supply Ability: 140 Ton /Week
Peak Season: October to June
Quality Tagline : Our Best Quality Is Our Main Base.

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